Breaking news from BTCU!

Singapore-based company FIVE5FIVE plans to launch a new stablecoin, backed by physical gold on the BTC Ultimatum (BTCU) blockchain.

CEO and founder of FIVE5FIVE is the famous entrepreneur, M&A expert, and author of several of the world’s best-selling business books — Jeremy Harbour . The UK-born serial investor is a three-time runner-up Coutts Entrepreneur of the Year and one of the most highly reputed names in the small business Mergers and Acquisitions field.

The new digital asset (stabelcoin) will be called USD Reserve (with the ticker USDR). Its gold-backed reserve will exceed several hundred million U.S. dollars, and we expect it to grow significantly in the future.

#BTCUNet was particularly chosen by the gold-backed stablecoin for its technological capabilities, such as high-speed transactions, high scalability, enhanced security, and multi-chain interoperability. BTCU looks to expand the adoption of its technology into real use cases in different economies, social networkings and business processes.

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