Notice of Blockchain Launch & Airdrop Update


We remind our community and the public that the launch of the BTC Ultimatum (BTCU) blockchain is ONLY 2 days away! The much-awaited network will go-live on Friday, 5th February 2021.

Over the past year, we have been actively perfecting the BTCU technology, which caused us to postpone its launch on several occasions. The decision to delay the fork paved the way for extensive assessments that have affirmed the core objectives of the blockchain.

In accordance with the preparation towards the fork event, and the success we have achieved through testing and evaluation concludes the technology is operable. Therefore, we have decided to proceed with the February 5th Mainet (Main Network) launch. As of Friday, 5th February, the public can take full advantage of the network. We welcome all partnerships which will further the development of the BTCU blockchain ecosystem.

NB: On the other hand, an airdrop will not take place on February 5th. The BTCU airdrop will occur only when tier one exchanges declare their supports for it. We have taken this measure to protect users and make sure that everyone receives the BTCU airdrop in the ratio of 1:1, equivalent to the BTC balance on the branch block. Accordingly, the BTCU airdrop date will be announced at a later date.

Combining the idea of Bitcoin with the capabilities of Ethereum 2.0, BTCU is a next-gen blockchain that stands out in terms of applicability across multiple industries, including payments, supply chain, retail, and others. Furthermore, it provides superior technology by addressing scalability, privacy and security in first and second generation blockchains.

You can find more information about BTCU here:

The time has finally come, and we invite every cryptocurrency enthusiast to get ready to become a part of this history!



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