Upgrades and changes BTCU is here

BTCU was created with the idea of unlocking blockchain’s true potential for the future economy. The next-gen blockchain brought with it a lot of promise, most of which involves solving issues such as security, scalability, costs, interoperability, and privacy.

Being based on the Bitcoin fork whilst having enhanced Ethereum capabilities gave BTCU a clear sense of ingenuity and innovation. Keeping this mindset is necessary, and recently, important upgrades have been implemented. We can notably mention:

— Network validators’ API improvement

— SegWit address support

— Addition of js-module for creating and signing ledget transactions

— Update of the smart contract virtual machine aleth 1.8.0

Many other updates are scheduled for near-future execution. The current works in progress consist of the integration of both TAPROOT scripts from bitcoin as well as the zk-snark library.

More information is to be disclosed farther down the line. Promising changes are on their way, there’s no doubt.



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